GCWerks MD

For single or multi-detector GC, the same data capabilities whether acquiring data directly with GCWerks (without ChemStation), or importing historical ChemStation files.
  • Agilent 6890 and 7890 family of GCs
  • HP35900E A/D interface
  • Valco valves
  • Red-y mass flow controller

Importing data

Import historical data from ChemStation, or a generic ASCII format. A sample.log file format is provided which may be used for sample identification and other information not be contained in the ChemStation files.

Data capabilities

  • Rapid review of chromatograms, strip-charts, and time series data.
  • Easy batch integration of years of data, with integration parameters saved for each time period.
  • Integrator accurate and precise over a wide range of peak sizes, requiring minimal changes in parameters over time.
  • Extensive plotting and reporting capabilities
  • Calculates final results by both peak area and height, allowing the operator to report either and to compare them as a diagnostic.
  • Nonlinearity and other diagnostics

Review chromatograms rapidly

Step through chromatograms rapidly for one or all detectors.

Select a file from the list, or press the up/down arrows in the File field to review several chromatogram per second.

Graphical integration parameters

Graphical integration parameters and peak identification are saved for each time period, making batch re-integration of the entire record easy.

Timeseries results

Any number of raw or calculated results may be plotted and reported, including integration results (retention times, peak widths, area, heights) and calculated results.

View chromatograms from the timeseries

View chromatogram corresponding to any point on the time series, by clicking or dragging the cursor on the timeseries.

Acquire data

Acquire data from one or more detectors directly from the GC (no need for Chemstation), with complete control of the sequence, scheduled events, and Valco valves. Receive email notification of user-specified alarm conditions.

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