Installing Linux

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System requirements

Any new PC with Ubuntu Linux should be able to run GCWerks for several instruments. A minimum of 4GB RAM and 200GB disk spare are recommended. For running instruments, a second network card is suggested.

Linux versions

GCWerks requires Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS or higher. Install 64-bit Linux unless your hardware requires 32-bit.

Updating and installing packages

After installing Ubuntu, configure the network and install the latest updates:

sudo -i
apt update
apt full-upgrade

After updates are installed, and the computer has rebooted, then install packages:

apt install  openssh-server      - for remote ssh access
apt install  msmtp               - for alarm emails
apt install  tightvncserver      - for remote VNC desktop


The firewall should be enabled, allowing only ssh access (port 22). Remote desktops should always be accessed through ssh.

ufw allow 22
ufw enable
ufw status