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GCWerks comes in version for GC, GC/MS and CRDS. These share a common interface and features for instrument control, data acquisition, and data processing. All the versions support importing existing data (such as Picarro or ChemStation files), or acquiring data directly from supported instruments.

GCWerks for CRDS

GCWerks CRDS showing time series results for air and calibration measurements

Acquire or import spectrospic data from leading instrument manufacturers. GCWerks shields the user for the specifics of each manufacturer’s data formats and variable naming conventions, providing a uniform structure across manufacturers and models.

  • Picarro: Acquire or import data from the latest Picarro concentration or isotope analyzers, such as the G2401. Import data from the older Picarro G1301 analyzer.
  • Los Gatos Research: Acquire or import data from the latest LGR analyzers.
  • Aerodyne: Imports data from Aerodyne QC laser analyzers.
  • LI-COR: Acquire or import data from the LI-COR LI-7810 CH4 analyzer and the LI-7815 CO2 analyzer.
  • Supports Valco valves for automation of sampling

GCWerks for GC or GC/MS

GCWerks MS showing acquired Agilent 5975 SIM ions

For GC/MS, the same data capabilities whether acquiring data directly with GCWerks (without ChemStation), or importing historical ChemStation files.

  • Agilent 5973, 5975, 5977 MS family
  • Agilent 6890 and 7890 family of GCs
  • Valco valves
  • Red-y mass flow controller
  • Imports historical data from MS ChemStation

Data capabilities

  • Rapid review of chromatograms, strip-charts, and time series data.
  • Easy batch integration of years of data, with integration parameters saved for each time period.
  • Integrator accurate and precise over a wide range of peak sizes, requiring minimal changes in parameters over time.
  • Extensive plotting and reporting capabilities.
  • Calculates final results by both peak area and height, allowing the operator to report either and to compare them as a diagnostic.
  • Nonlinearity and other diagnostics