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Installing Linux

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System requirements

Any new PC with Ubuntu Linux should be able to run GCWerks for several instruments. A minimum of 4GB RAM and 200GB disk spare are recommended. For running instruments, a second network card is suggested.

Linux versions

GCWerks requires Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS or higher. The latest Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 64-bit desktop installation is suggested.

Updating and installing packages

After installing Ubuntu, configure the network and install the latest updates:

sudo -i
apt update
apt full-upgrade

After updates are installed, and the computer has rebooted, then install packages:

apt install  openssh-server      - for remote ssh access
apt install  msmtp               - for alarm emails
apt install  net-tools           - for network utilities

apt install  gnome-session-flashback    - optional, for the classic GNOME desktop
apt install  tigervnc-standalone-server - optional, for remote "virtual" desktop support


The firewall should be enabled, allowing only ssh access (port 22). Remote desktops should always be accessed through ssh.

ufw allow 22
ufw enable
ufw status