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Importing Picarro data

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Picarro data can be imported from DataLog_User (/data/site-instrument/DataLog_User) or from the zipped DataLog_User_Backup. Currently all files in a given year are re-imported, but in a future release files which have already been imported will be skipped.


The example batch script below imports 2013 data and calculated the results. This could be done from automatically from a cron job.

/data/gcwerks-3/bin/gcimport  GCDIR   -import_dir  DataLog_User/2013
/data/gcwerks-3/bin/gccalc    GCDIR

Missing MPVposition

In cases where the MPVposition (or solenoid valves) columns are not part of the Picarro data, the sample.log must be used to identifiy when the selelector valve position has changed. See Identifying samples