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Measurements to monitor and verify emissions which affect climate are increasingly important. Whether GC, GC/MS or spectroscopic method, deploying these instruments remotely poses challenges ranging from reliability of unattended operation to handling large volumes of data.

GCWerks is a complete software solution for monitoring with GC, GC/MS or spectroscopic methods such as CRDS. It greatly simplifies remote unattended monitoring on any scale.

  • Supports commonly used instruments including Picarro, Agilent MS and GC families and Valco valves. New in 2019: supports the new LI-COR LI-7810 CH4 analyzer and the LI-7815 CO2 analyzer.
  • A single Linux computer at a remote site provides the operator with a uniform interface for all instruments.
  • A Linux data server can be shared by a team operating many remote sites.
  • Uniform standards for data acquisition and analysis across a range of measurment techniques.
  • Automation for reliable unattended operation.